A ‘smart e-bikes’ perspective on Collective Awareness for Sustainability and Social Innovation

Our efforts to spread the word about the ‘Smart e-bikes’ project continue with a presentation by Frauke at the BarCamp of the CAPS conference http://caps-conference.eu/ which is the first international event on Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation and is taking place in Brussels on 1st July 2014.

CAPS projects http://ec.europa.eu/digital-agenda/en/collective-awareness-platforms-sustainability-and-social-innovation are EU-funded projects working towards “harnessing collective intelligence for taking better informed and sustainability-aware decisions”.


Smart e-bikes at ‘Urban Governance Futures: Scenarios for London’

LSE Cities and the MacArthur Foundation have invited Frauke to their Foresight Seminar ‘Urban Governance Futures: Scenarios for London’ on 16 June 2014. She is particularly interested in their focus on the role of big data and real-time information in relation to the establishment of new urban governance processes and structure in cities. The seminar’s specific case study is urban transport in London and Frauke looks forward to contributing a smart e-bikes perspective.

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Brighton & Hove Active Travel Forum – 19 March 2013

Brighton and Hove’s latest ‘Active Travel Forum’, organised by Brighton & Hove City Council, took place at the University of Brighton, Grand Parade building, on Tuesday 19th March.

Frauke presented the Smart e-bikes research project alongside other presentations on:

  • Brighton Bike Train: Promotion, support and resources
  • Personalised Travel Planning 2012: What the public think about travel
  • City Cycle Ambition grants: New funding for Brighton & Hove?

For enquiries about the Active Travel Forum, contact David Brindley, Health Promotion Specialist, Brighton & Hove City Council: David.brindley@brighton-hove.gov.uk

Our researchers talk about the project on 31 October 2012

Our e-bikes researchers Frauke and Chris will be talking about the project on 31st October at 1pm at University of Brighton, Watts building, room 504 as part of the School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics’ Research Seminar Series.

They will discuss the development of the fleet of 20 ‘smart e-bikes’ that are currently out in a trial with commuters of a Brighton-based insurance company. Their talk will particularly focus on the modular monitoring toolkit that has been developed to collect data about the usage of the bikes. It combines GPS tracking, ioio boards, sensors, android phones, custom-made electronics and a server to collect a variety of data. The collected data can be used both for analysis and for providing feedback to the trial participants using the e-bikes.

To attend the seminar, please contact Nicola Gillis on n.j.gillis@brighton.ac.uk

Second trial underway

The second wave of commuter trials of the smart e-bikes is underway with the same Brighton-based company we worked with for the first trial. The level of interest remained high. Twenty employees have been chosen, and they currently have our smart e-bikes to use for an eight-week period. We will soon have plenty of data from both trials which we look forward to analysing over the winter.