Opening of DfT funded ‘University Campus e-bikes’, a follow-on project using smart e-bikes results

Project lead Dr Frauke Behrendt successfully applied with Dr Anne Mandy for Department for Transport/Carplus funding (£35,464) for the ‘University Campus e-bikes’ project in Eastbourne. This project is an example for the impact of the ‘smart e-bike’ research findings.

The opening was supported by Transport Minister Andrew Jones, with Shane Snow and John Sweeetman from the Department for Transport, alongside  Eastbourne MP Caroline Ansel and Mayor Councillor Janet Coles, as well as the University of Brighton’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Debra Humphris.

“Transport Minister Andrew Jones said: “Electric bikes are a great way to encourage new people to get into cycling and I hope this interesting scheme encourages more people to take it up. Cycling helps cut congestion and is a healthy, affordable transport option.” (Press release).

Read all the other comments and watch the launch video on the university website.

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Research Results Video

This video summarises the results and policy implications of our e-bike research in the UK. When an e-bike is made available, many people choose to use it, and it has substantial effects on their travel behavior. This is likely to result in reduced carbon emissions, lower congestion and an increase in health and wellbeing. Our study gave electrically-assisted bikes to 100 people, for 6-8 weeks each (commuters of 2 large employers+community groups). The ‘smart’ monitoring system recorded and transmitted bike usage data, used with survey+interview data. Watch the video for more results!

A ‘smart e-bikes’ perspective on Collective Awareness for Sustainability and Social Innovation

Our efforts to spread the word about the ‘Smart e-bikes’ project continue with a presentation by Frauke at the BarCamp of the CAPS conference which is the first international event on Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation and is taking place in Brussels on 1st July 2014.

CAPS projects are EU-funded projects working towards “harnessing collective intelligence for taking better informed and sustainability-aware decisions”.


Smart e-bikes at ‘Urban Governance Futures: Scenarios for London’

LSE Cities and the MacArthur Foundation have invited Frauke to their Foresight Seminar ‘Urban Governance Futures: Scenarios for London’ on 16 June 2014. She is particularly interested in their focus on the role of big data and real-time information in relation to the establishment of new urban governance processes and structure in cities. The seminar’s specific case study is urban transport in London and Frauke looks forward to contributing a smart e-bikes perspective.

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Commuter Trial at the University of Brighton

We are very pleased to announce that the next commuter trial will be with the University of Brighton. The university’s Environment Team is working in partnership with the Smart e-bikes Project, to loan e-bikes free of charge to approximately 40 members of university staff in two trials.

The first trial is about to start with 20 members of staff from the university, but due to the research project’s geographical limits, only Brighton based staff can participate in the trial. For the first trial we shall be working with staff based at all four Brighton campuses. The selected trial participants will be contacted soon. Those that could not be included in the trial at this point will also be contacted soon.

Although the first tranche of participants are about to begin their trials, a staff survey is still open up until 29th June for potential participants for the second trial which is due to start in the Autumn term.

Brighton & Hove Active Travel Forum – 19 March 2013

Brighton and Hove’s latest ‘Active Travel Forum’, organised by Brighton & Hove City Council, took place at the University of Brighton, Grand Parade building, on Tuesday 19th March.

Frauke presented the Smart e-bikes research project alongside other presentations on:

  • Brighton Bike Train: Promotion, support and resources
  • Personalised Travel Planning 2012: What the public think about travel
  • City Cycle Ambition grants: New funding for Brighton & Hove?

For enquiries about the Active Travel Forum, contact David Brindley, Health Promotion Specialist, Brighton & Hove City Council: